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Steph Su Reads: Discussion: Does YA Lit Belong in Classrooms?

Steph Su Reads: Discussion: Does YA Lit Belong in Classrooms? … [Continue reading]

Interview with Laurie Halse Anderson

I'm so thrilled to offer this blog audience an interview with you, the fabulous LHA! And what's more, I'm humbled to post this interview during National Banned Books week, marking the one-year anniversary of the second and final purging of books from … [Continue reading]

Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson

Courtesy of http://madwomanintheforest.com/youngadult-twisted/ Laurie Halse Anderson. 2008. New York, New York: Speak. pp. 250. U.S. $9.99 Tyler Miller had no idea that The Foul Deed—spray-painting the school (and misspelling “testicle”)—would … [Continue reading]

Interview with David Macinnis Gill

First of all, I want you thank you, David, for being one of the first to come to my aid during the censorship battle that raged from 2008-2010 in my former school. Your intense understanding of the infrastructure of public schools, as well as your … [Continue reading]

Soul Enchilada by David Macinnis Gill

Photo courtesy of http://soulenchilada.ning.com Soul Enchilada David Macinnis Gill. 2009. New York, New York: HarperCollins. pp. 356. U.S. $16.99 Eunice “Bug” Smoot is alone in El Paso. Poverty-stricken and lonely after her … [Continue reading]