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A teacher's opinions on YA literature and the state of public education in America.

The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams

       In any English/Language Arts classroom, as The Chosen One is appropriate and digestible for even middle school, I know exactly what I would teach with this: juxtaposition as a rhetorical device. The presence of the book mobile, juxtaposed to … [Continue reading]

Have you ever?

Have you ever forgotten to take a book with you somewhere, so you pick up a new one "just for now" (because let's face it, there's not much more miserable than not having a book available)? I did this yesterday. It was reading day in my classes, and … [Continue reading]

"Integrated Literacy in the Interactive Classroom"

As I promised to share, here is the information about my classroom infrastructure. I call my skills-based method, "Integrated Literacy in the Interactive Classroom," and I have had much satisfaction in teaching this way. Most students buy-in to this … [Continue reading]

This is Not Me Backing Down

As you know, I removed my blog post "Censorship at its Finest: Remembering." I've received several emails today in which people beg me to re-post my entry, and I thank you all for the sincerity in your requests. I have also received emails in which … [Continue reading]

Censorship at its Finest: Remembering

Please do not contact my former employer or colleagues. Thanks! My kids are away for the weekend, and here I sit—drinking Dr. Pepper from a wineglass (no wine on hand)—remembering. Remembering how excited I was to start teaching. Remembering the … [Continue reading]