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A teacher's opinions on YA literature and the state of public education in America.

Scars by Cheryl Rainfield

2010. Lodi, New Jersey: WestSide Books. pp. 250. U.S. $16.95 Kendra depends on her therapist more than she does her parents. That’s because she has no one else who understands the depth of what happened to her all those years ago. But even with … [Continue reading]

Interview with Tom Leveen

Thanks so much for allowing me the interview, Tom. Reviewing books I like is one of the highlights of my self-proclaimed reviewing career, (volunteer career, but whatever). And I must say, I really loved and appreciated PARTY. And I'm looking forward … [Continue reading]

Party by Tom Leveen

2010. New York, New York: Random House. pp. 240. U.S. $16.99 Once upon a time, in Santa Barbara, California, there was a party. But this party wasn’t just a party; it was the party. The entire Santa Barbara High School student body would be there. … [Continue reading]

Interview with Lisa Schroeder

When I started this blog, almost a year ago, you were quick to leave comments of encouragement on my very first book review. And now, I'm so excited to host you on For the Love of YA as another fantastic author I can share with the blogging … [Continue reading]

Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder

Brooklyn is a junior in high school. But she’s a freshman at living with ghosts. Why, she asks, does it have to be Gabe haunting me? Why not Lucca? She lost her boyfriend in an accident last year. And now, this year, the year life was supposed to … [Continue reading]