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What My Mother Doesn’t Know by Sonya Sones

Sophie Stein, a.k.a Fifi/Sofa/Couch, is a popular almost-full-blown teenager, and for her, like most girls, this means boys…lots of them. With an exposition that includes her infatuation with hot-boy Dylan, Sophie seems like just another experimental … [Continue reading]

Interview with Eileen Cook

Thanks so much for agreeing to interview, Eileen. I can’t wait to host you at For the Love of YA! Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood is one of the few books I've sat down and devoured within hours. Usually I have to chase kids, teach school, grade … [Continue reading]

Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood by Eileen Cook

Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood is such a fresh, light, and witty take on the Mean Girls archetype. Though at first readers may think they’ve read “this” before, it is important for stake-holders to know that this book is different. It’s one of those … [Continue reading]

YA in AP?

This post has been running laps around my brain since the end of March, when I was forwarded an email from an out-of-state friend which said, basically, that the use of any books labeled Young Adult would not be approved in that particular state … [Continue reading]

Interview with Jennifer Bradbury

Thanks so much for agreeing to an interview, Jennifer. I’ve been so excited to offer this review to readers, and I just wish I would have read it sooner, so I could have ordered lots of copies when I had a grant. But not to worry, I’ve got my eye out … [Continue reading]