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The Night She Disappeared by April Henry

Have you ever pondered the power of one moment? Ever looked back on what you perceived as an inconvenience—missing the subway, taking a wrong turn, losing your seat on a flight—and wondered if it somehow altered the course of your … [Continue reading]

Ban This Blog

Ban This Blog, a guest postby Tom LeveenI read the most deplorable collection of stories the other day.In one, the protagonist, Dave, is a peeping tom who, in a fit of immature jealousy, secretly arranges for a girl’s husband to get killed so he can … [Continue reading]

Interview with Sarah Dessen

It's so awesome to be revamping my blog with none other than Sarah Dessen! Sarah, thank you so much for agreeing to a quick interview about your latest book What Happened to Goodbye. And congratulations on your eleventh book The Moon and More, which … [Continue reading]

What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen

Mclean Sweet’s dad, Gus, takes a traveling job to do what he does best: fix failing restaurants. What he doesn’t know—what no one knows—is that Mclean is more broken than any business he’s commissioned to fix. After her mom cheated on her dad with … [Continue reading]

Interview with Sonya Sones

I've had this interview for a while, but with the perils of pregnancy, I've just been too sick to post. But I'm back, and I'm thrilled to be getting the ball rolling with one of my favorites: Sonya Sones! Her books What My Mother Doesn't Know and … [Continue reading]