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Manicpixiedreamgirl by Tom Leveen

Tom Leveen has done it again. I swear he is the master of voice, and he has created one of the most honest stories I’ve ever read featuring the archetype of the unattainable, broken damsel, a.k.a the “manic pixie dream girl.” I’m a high school teacher, so I see students when they go through their ultimate crushes, and every once and again I see one struggling to breathe in a world full of air because of desire—desire for what they don’t even know or understand. And there’s not an adult in this world that can break that spell, or that can inject Truth into the visceral fiction floating overhead that simply does not parallel reality. This book does that: smashes Realism into Romanticism’s face like cake at a marriage where the bride doesn’t show—but it does so gently (and with one of the funniest secondary characters you’ll ever meet).
Through a narrative that pulses like a heartbeat, Tom has created real people that are the embodiment of the teenage learning curve, or in Becky’s case, the pitiable result of selfish parenting. Readers will become attached to them all, but especially Tyler who only tries to create a relationship in which he isn’t the “asshead” but the hero. And maybe in the end, he did.
Kudos, Tom. You’ve wowed me again.

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